Reconciling work and nature

The alarm clock rings. My first thought: coffee. I don’t need to leave the room, I have everything I need to make a nice hot cup of coffee in the comfort of my little home for the stay.

Arrival at the coworking room. The room is magnificent. On one side, big black walls decorated with books and a thousand and one chalk drawings, each one more original than the other. On the other side, huge windows offering a breathtaking view. Sitting at my desk, I can contemplate the extent of the plains, the mountains in the distance, the river. The sun illuminates the sky. There is nothing in the world more valuable than this view at this moment. There is a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere in the room. I am the first to arrive. Everything is so calm and quiet.

I am finally ready to start my work day. The room offers everything you need to work efficiently. Power outlets, extension cord, printer, coffee maker, cooking space; absolutely everything is there, with ease. The WiFi connection is excellent. The room is starting to get busy. It’s good to meet new beautiful people. The smiles here are warm.

So much productivity! I didn’t realize the time pass by and I finished all my tasks for the day. Is this burst of creativity and productivity a result of the breathtaking view? The feeling of well-being that emanates from this room? The best coffee in the area? The energy of the beautiful people nearby? The sunlight that spent the morning warming my face through those big, beautiful windows? Certainly a mixture of all of these. I am in love with this place!

I grab my hiking boots, my photography kit, a Quebec trail guide and off we go on an adventure! The day is still young and I want to enjoy it. Charlevoix, here I come!