I have booked a room at the Auberge de nos Aïeux

Definitely saturated with working within my four walls since March. I decided to treat myself to a retreat that would allow me to produce in a different environment for a few days. Just to change ambiance.

Since I was arriving at night, I was satisfied to go directly to the room rather than having to go through the front desk check-in. The key was on the door, as expected. I just couldn’t wait to get to bed.

The WiFi was there, my little fridge too. Perfect!


It was in the morning that I experienced my first ¨buzz¨. The one when I got up, when I opened my curtains.

I stepped out onto the balcony and took a deep breath of fresh air as I looked out at the vastness of the landscape before my eyes. I could tell that my time there would be relaxing, despite the workload that awaited me!

I walked around the site, then I met the owners, (super sweet by the way) who explained me a little about the spaces. Then I started my morning with a curious walk before getting to work.

Yoga/meditation room, kitchen, living rooms, pathways, ¨co-work¨ room. All rooms holding a little ‘I dont know what’ filled with charm. Actually I know, it was clearly the windows, rendering under our gaze, one of the most beautiful views of Charlevoix.

After my hour-long visit, I settled into a coworking room thoughtfully arranged for the current ‘2020’ situation. I chose a table by the window, overlooking the breathtaking view of the river and the island at the elbow.

Want some inspiration for your work? You have no idea how much of a breath of fresh air this windowed space brings to your work vision. Really, the productivity was there. I completed two assignments, Hallelujah!


By 2pm, I was done for the day, my stress had evaporated, the snow was falling, and I went hiking.

A nice two-hour walk in the nature to the river bank! I went back to get some useful accessories at the reception, self-service! Incredible. I had dinner in my room, then I went to the yoga room. No one was there, and I had my guitar. I enjoyed my time in solitude and zenitude before going to bed. 

All week I was free and independent, my work was productive, my balance between work and nature really made me realize how much we sometimes forget to indulge ourselves.  We sometimes forget to alternate our moments, too absorbed by a workload. I allowed myself to visit the corners of Charlevoix, to discover the village of Les Éboulements and to do some of the region’s famous activities that are still allowed in the current context.


This place allowed me to reconnect with nature, the true beauty of this world. Finally, everything was there, for a week of rejuvenation.

As a river kayaker, my next visit will clearly be for my vacations, where I can focus solely on my favorite activities, without having to pay full-price for a hotel, with the added bonus of this exhilarating landscape!