Ready to camp

A new adventure

Only ready-to-camp tents available

The campsite is situated just below the hill of the main building.
The campground offers open, semi-shaded and shaded grassy sites with ready-to camp tents ONLY. 

This campground is an extension of the Auberge.
A beautiful space, near the forest, available to people who are looking for a simple, easy, no hassle camping experience. 

It’s meant to be a communal space where we all join around the fire for great conversation and making connections under the stars.  

In order to preserve the natural beauty of the site, no motorized vehicles of any kind are permitted.
You must park your car in the Auberge parking lot and walk down the hill for about 4 minutes until you get to your tent.

What to expect

We offer a fitted out space without services.
However, renting a ready-to-camp tent provides access to the same services as renting a room in the hostel. 

We encourage everyone to plan their trip to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible, simply and safely!

  • Open, semi-shaded, shaded grassy terrain
  • 2 person and 4 person tents available
  • Ready-to-occupy tents include a double mattress with linens and towels
  • Platform available
  • Check-in 4pm, Check-out 11am
  • Communal vibe
  • Communal picnic tables
  • Big communal fire-pit
  • Many hiking trails nearby
  • Access to communal BBQs
  • No motorized vehicles of any kind
    • Animals NOT permitted
    • Wood and charcoal available at the nearby dépanneur
    • Access to co-working space 
    • Wi-Fi available near the main building (not available on campsite)
    • Access to toilets and showers in the main building and the pool cabana
    • Access to in-ground pool
    • Access to terrace overlooking the fleuve
    • Access to communal kitchen*

    *Kitchen, microwave, coffee filter, dishes. No ingredients or fridge provided.

    camping des vallons
    camping des vallons
    camping des vallons
    Voici le plan de l'auberge de nos aïeux

    We’re waiting for you

    L’Auberge de nos aïeux offers the most incredible view of the St. Lawrence River, L’Isle-aux-Coudres and the magnificent mountains.