A one-week discovery of Charlevoix

The sun rises. While sitting comfortably on the cushions I have spread on the floor of my room, in front of this large window that offers me a breathtaking panoramic view, I breathe and realize how beautiful life is here.


The expanse of the plains, the mountains, the river, the sky in all its thousand and one colors. The smell of coffee, the delicate sound of droplets settling one by one, quietly, at the bottom of the glass carafe beside me, the calm, the absolute simplicity. With my journal in hand, I scribble a sketch of all the beautiful adventures that await me:

Snowshoeing and discovery of the peaceful surroundings. Return to the Inn. Campfire under the stars and hot chocolate. I was looking forward to this moment to recharge my batteries in nature. Charlevoix, I already feel that you are my ideal place.

Relaxation moment with yourself in one of the magnificent spas of the region. Return to the Auberge. Yoga session at sunset. A good meal, a novel and a small glass of white wine to end the day.

Discovering the mountains. The region is full of places to explore. The Mont des Morios, the Acropole des Draveurs, the Menaud, the Mont à Liguori, the Dôme… Which one should I start with?

Meeting at the beach for a picnic overlooking the river. Brainstorming on life, reading and blankets are checked.

Cross-country skiing and sunset. It’s impossible to miss a single sunset here. If you could see it with your own eyes, especially from the bedroom, you’d fall in love too. Can I stay here all month please?

It’s time to put on your best clothes and go out to taste the best local products in the most beautiful places in Charlevoix. Le Diapason, le Mouton Noir, Faux Bergers, La Bouche Des Goûts. Why not book a show as well?

A day in the city of artists. Gourmet breakfast at Bistro La Muse. Walk along Saint-Jean-Baptiste Street in downtown Baie Saint-Paul, coffee in hand. Browse the shops, exhibitions and art galleries. One at a time. Taking the time to talk with these passionate people and learn more about their history, their culture. Take the time to connect. Taking the time to find golden pearls to bring home.

After these few lines of morning writing, I believe it is now time to go live the adventure. It’s time to prioritize the being and not the doing. I couldn’t have stayed at a better place.